Proper Channel – Notifications

As part of my internship at Proper Channel, I worked on developing a notification system for the Proper Channel web application, so users could be notified when another user followed them. I used the Flask python framework and Backbone.js to work on the project. I added tables to the database for the notifications, added to application’s API, and sent the information about the notifications to the front-end. This project taught me about the web development process, and also gave me experience in how to learn to use unfamiliar technologies in a development setting.

Attitudes Toward Twitter Content for Depression Advocacy and Awareness

For part of this project, I created visualizations using the program Cytoscape. I prepared the data for visualization with python code.

I worked on an Information Technology honors in the major research thesis. I am studied the conversation taking place within the hashtag #depression using social network analysis. I also conducted a survey to better understand user reaction to hashtags that co-occur with #depression. This experience allowed me to work under a faculty mentor and get experience designing and conducting an academic study.